Character Creation

Ability Scores

This Campaign is using the point buy system for generating ability scores. Players begin play with 25 points for purchasing their scores, using the chart in the CRB as standard for the point buy system. Bonus points for reducing an ability score maxes out at 2 points (having one score lowered to eight or two lowered to 9 for example). You can lower scores further if you wish, however, you will get no additional points for doing so.

In addition, you may get 1 bonus point added to your total for turning in a background with at least one thousand words (see Backgrounds for more info).

You character will start at 1st level.
Race Restrictions

All races from the CRB are allowed, Core races (obviously) and their special abilities and racial traits and such from the ARG are allowed without restriction. Featured and Uncommon races will be allowed with a background with at least 400 and 700 words respectively (see Backgrounds for more info). Any sources outside of core (Humans of Golarion, Blood of Angels, etc.) will be allowed assuming their “level” of background word count is achieved. Races from third party sources may be considered but will be approved on a case by case basis and, like Uncommon races, will require a 700 word background.
Class Restrictions

All base classes from Paizo sources are available (CRB, APG, UM, UC), except the. Classes that get minions like a Druid, Summoner or Ranger’s are discouraged but will be allowed as long as you are prepared to run them without slowing anything down.
Feat Restrictions

Feats from the CRB are allowed without other restriction, but feats from other sources must be approved by me in writing (email is acceptable). It’s generally just a condition that I know you have it, so most will be approved.

Characters begin with two traits, one of which must be a Campaign Trait (see Rise of the Runelords players guide). Characters can gain up to three additional traits by writing a background of at least a 300 words per additional trait.

You will start with your choice of the average wealth for your class or the rolled amount, you must make the choice before it’s rolled and I will do the rolling.

I’m fairly open otherwise with what you use as far as equipment and spells and such, but like with feats, anything outside the Core Rulebook needs to be approved by me in writing before it gets used.

To encourage character backgrounds there will be a couple of incentives to write them.

First is Traits…
Every 300 words in a background will give you one additional trait to a maximum of 3 bonus traits at 900 words.

Exotic Character Races…
Races from the ARG’s Featured races will be available with a 400 word background. If you want to play a race from the ARG’s Uncommon races or a third party source (pending extra approval) you will be allowed if it comes with a background of at least 700 words.

Extra Ability score point…
If you write a background of at least a 1000 words, you will get an extra point for your character’s ability scores during character creation.

In order to receive these bonuses, the background must be turned in before the game begins.

Note that these word counts are additive. If you wanted to play a tiefling with an extra trait for instance you would need to turn in a background of at least 700 words, or 1900 words would get you a bonus point for your point buy and three extra traits.

Character Creation

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