Turtleback Ferry

Turtleback Ferry came under the nominal control of the city of Magnimar in about 4662 AR, even though it is geographically closer to Korvosa. The village had already been well established by that point, but was looking for additional protection from marauding ogres and ogrekin.2 The lord-mayor had nearby Fort Rannick built for this purpose, bringing in the Order of the Black Arrows to man it and lead the offensive against the threats of the region.3 With the help of the rangers, the ogres of Hook Mountain were decisively defeated in 4662 AR in the Valley of Broken Trees, and until recently the ogres had not been able to mount a successful offensive

Turtleback Ferry

Nation Varisia
Region Magnimar
Size Small village
Population 430
Demographics 390 humans; 22 gnomes; 17 half-elves; 1 1/2 orc
Government Autocracy (Mayor)
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Leader Mayor Maelin Shreed (LG male human cleric of Erastil 7)
Modifiers Corruption: -2, Crime: 0, Economy: 1, Law: 0, Lore: 1, Society: 1
Qualities Holy Site, Tourist Attraction, Prosperous
Disadvantages Runewell, Cursed
Market Place Base Value 500 gp; Purchase Limit 2,500 gp; Spellcasting 1st Minor Items 2d4; Medium Items 1d4; Major Items —

Church of Erastil
Mayor Maelin Shreed
Turtleback Ferry’s current mayor is an aged cleric of Erastil named Father Maelin Shreed, a selfless soul who tends to the village church as both a safe haven for travelers and a hospital wherein he tends the village’s sick.

Trading Post
Risa’s General Store
Risa Dontivetii
It was founded by her grandfather; and now runs with the help of her children (Kai, Todd, and Solet). Her husband, Tavik, died 7 years ago from a troll attack along the Skull river. Trade is decent, but the trading post accepts almost everything in trade for the basics. Magical items are exceedingly rare.

Turtle’s Parlor
Dean Runer
Six rooms, each holding 4 in one bed. The main room is also used as a dormatory for 1 cp for the night. The rooms cost 1sp each, and is often divided by the 4 occupants. The meals are very simple. Stews & breads are common. Some chicken, more duck and goose. Some wild meat, more pig and goat. The place is run by Dean Runer. He has an ostler (Mikael), two wenches who live nearby (Darby and Sheila), and an alewife (Matise) who lives next door. Dean is not married and occasionally sings for the locals. He’s ok, but not great.

Bottom’s Up
Solor Itomi
Solor Itomi is a good brewer, and is proud of his little place. He has no one to help him serve. It’s a belly-up-to-the bar sort of place. He learned the art from Matise. He lives above the tavern’s taproom.

IronTooth’s Metal Goods
Tomak Irontooth
Tomak Irontooth works mostly on ploughs, pots and a bit of brassworks. He can make a decent shield and forge most metal blades; but he’s rusty on armorwork. Armor repair he’ll agree to. He has no silver or gold to work with, never mind more expensive metals. He’s a hard working bulk of a 1/2 orc who’s large left tusk is coverd in metal. He lost the original one in a bar-fight as a child. His father (also a 1/2 orc) built him a new one.

Turtleback Ferry

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