Treasure Record

First Session (3/2/2014):
wand of Hideous Laughter, 3 charges to Anarion
masterwork long sword (Small size) sold for 157gp 5sp
masterwork short bow (Small size) sold for 165gp
potion of Cure Light Wounds x2 to Cat and Andrazi
2 weeks free at the Rusty Dragon (good rooms, 2 good meals)

total money acquired per character: 56gp

Second Session (3/16/2014):
former Robe of Bones, expended sold for 50gp
copper necklace worth 50gp sold for 50gp
filthy but functional hand crossbow sold for 50gp
reward from Aldrin Foxglove: 70gp

total money acquired per character: 34gp, 13sp

Third & Fourth Sessions (3/30/2014 & 4/13/2014)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds to Ravi
masterwork mighty composite shortbow (+1 Str) to Cat
shortbow (from Cat’s inventory) sold for 15gp
masterwork thieves’ tools Cat will hang onto these
masterwork flute to Cat
silver earrings sold for 25gp
Tsuto’s journal
6 pouches of gold dust worth 50gp each given back to Emiko
8 pouches of silver dust worth 5gp each given back to Emiko
amulet of mighty fists +1 to Kerrie
ring of protection +1 to Anarion
145gp worth of scrap equipment sold for 145gp
small masterwork handaxe sold for 153gp
2 small masterwork chain shirts sold for 250gp
small masterwork dogslicer sold for 154gp
funnel, hybridization (magical) to Deluge
amulet of natural armor +1 to Deluge
bracers of armor +1 to Kerrie
potions of Cure Light Wounds x4 to Anarion, Kerrie, Ravi, and Cat
potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (caster level 5) to Belfire
potions of Protection from Elements (Fire) x4 (caster level 6) to Anarion, Cat, Belfire, and Kerrie
potions of Barkskin x3 (caster level 6) to Anarion, Kerrie, and Ravi
potions of Endure Elements x5
potions of Enlarge Person x2 to Kerrie and Belfire
flasks of alchemist’s fire/acid x5 to Anarion, Ravi, Kerrie, Belfire, and Cat
vials of antitoxin/antiplague x3 to Anarion, Belfire, and Kerrie
tangleburn/acid bag to Anarion
tanglefoot bags x3 to Anarion, Ravi, and Cat
tindertwig x4
smokestick x11
ranceur x12 sold for 60gp
ivory and glittering metal masterwork ranseur to Ravi
free room and board forever at the Rusty Dragon from Emiko
scroll of Enlarge Person (caster level 3) to Finn
scroll of Grease (caster level 3) to Finn
scroll of Vanish (caster level 3) to Finn
black silk gown (tiny) given to a young girl from town
holy symbol of Lammashtu burned by Ravi
tiara (tiny) sold for 50gp
dagger, +1 cold iron returning (tiny) given to Deluge who had it resized
hexing doll (magic) sold for 1250gp
longsword, +1 to Belfire
dagger, masterwork silver to Deluge
handaxe, masterwork sold for 153gp
doublet, Quickrunner (free action gives additional move action 1x/day) to Kerrie
wand of Magic Missile (caster level 3, 28 charges) to Anarion
scroll of Flaming Sphere (caster level 3) to Finn
book written in Abyssal with lots of horrific pictures to Belfire

total money acquired per character: 3pp 455gp

Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Sessions (04/27/2014, 05/25/2014, 06/08/2014, 6/22/2014)

deep green spinel sold for 100gp
slightly rusted yet masterwork kukri with violet garnet in hilt sold for 700 gp
rotted quiver containing 17 +2 magical arrows to Ravi
magical piece of bone wrapped in gold and silver – wand of shield (9 charges remain) to Anarion
3 potions Cure LIght Wounds one to Anarion, one to Ravi, one to Cat
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds to Kerrie
Potion of Pass Without Trace
Potion of Heroism
+1 leather armor, small sold for 500gp
cloak of resistance +1 To Andrezi
2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds (5th level)
Potion of Barkskin (6th level, lasts 1 hour and grants +3) to Cat
wand of Treeshape (4 charges)
wand of Produce Flame (20 charges, level 5)
Brooch of Shielding (90 points left of absorption) To Ravi
+1 Monstrous Humanoid Bane dagger to Finn
fragile masterwork dagger sold for 151gp
Belt of Strength +2 to Cat
2 potions of Cure Light Wounds one to Suraja
5 masterwork dogslicers (small) sold for 770gp
5 suits of masterwork leather armor (small) sold for 400gp

small short sword +1 sold for 1000gp
ring of energy resistance (DR 10 Fire) to Belfire
wand of cure light wounds (arcane; 3rd lvl, 36 charges) to Ravi
1 potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (6th level) to Anarion
4 potions of Cure Light Wounds
dented crown sold for 20 gp
keyring with set of keys
40 gp
11 short bows sold for 165gp
1 masterwork dog slicer sold for 154gp
silver holy symbol of Lammashtu with garnets for eyes sold for 40 gp
9832 cp
3590 sp
63 pp

34 flawed malachite (1gp ea) sold for 34 gp
chain shirt sold for 50gp
cold iron scimitar +1 to Ravi
masterwork manacles
gold holy symbol of Sarenrae worth 100 gp to Ravi
jade necklace sold for 60 gp
silk gown sold for 150 gp
lesser prayer beads (bead of blessing and bead of heal) to Suraja
spellbook: invisibility, mirror image, shatter, burning hands, grease, mage armor, ray of enfeeblement, comprehend languages, detect secret doors, floating disc, identify, locate object, minor image, obscuring mist, see invisibility, sleep, spider climb to Finn

cloak of resistance (+ 1) to Cat
fine silk gown (ruined) sold for 60 gp
pearl earring sold for 50 gp
3 pp
398 gp

2 everburning torches sold for 110gp
2 potions of cure light wounds
scroll of comprehend languages to Ravi
scroll of mirror image to Finn
2 scrolls of see invisibility to Ravi and Finn
3 scrolls of identify to Ravi (1) and Finn (2)
scroll of sleep to Finn
wand of Magic Missile 38 charges (lvl 3) to Finn
34 gp
masterwork cutlass
sold for 157gp 5sp
+1 sharkskin studded leather to Del
masterwork flail sold for 154gp
3 arrows of Elf Bane to Ravi

books worth 700gp to collectors of knowledge about Lammashtu sold for 700gp
4 skulls with Continual Flame sold for 440gp
breastplate + 1 sold for 500gp
bastard sword + 1 sold for 1000gp
masterwork composite longbow sold for 200gp
gold holy symbol of Lammashtu sold for 100 gp

ruby encrusted collar worth 58gp sold for 58 gp
medallion engraved with sihedron, + 1 resistance bonus to all saves, once per day gain effects of False Life (caster level 5, so d10+5 hp) spell; wearer is affected by Gentle Repose to Ravi
4500 sp
830 gp

40 precious stones sold for 400 gp
jade amulet of natural armor + 1 to Andrezi
giant helm (weighs 300 lb) sold for 3000 gp
60 candles of Eternal Flame worth 25 gp each 5 to Cat, rest sold for 1375gp
coffer sold for 100 gp
ring of Force Shield to Andrezi

total money acquired per character: 1404cp 1157sp 2118gp 13pp

Treasure Record

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