Sunday Rise of the Ruinlords

Fame...Glory...TREASURE! Book 2

First Session (07/20/2014)
300gp handed out to group

Second Session (08/03/2014)
40 GP handed out to group
wand (gentle repose; 16 charges)
Many pages of spell notes- Thassalonian traditions of magic. A quick drawing of the map on the wall (“of Cool activity”- tracking of ghoul sightings. Necromancer is not the source).
150GP of useful alchemical supplies to Del

Third Session (08/17/2014)
NOTHING! Absolutely nothing!!

Fourth Session (09/14/2014)
battered leather armor (worth 10gp) sold for 5gp
iron key on leather cord, flower surrounded by thorns (Foxglove family crest)
Swarmbane Clasp (worth 3000gp) to Bel
shortbow, masterwork, Str + 2 (worth 525gp) sold for 262gp 5sp
masterwork hide shirt (worth 165gp) sold for 82gp 5sp
Boots of Friendly Terrain (wet) (worth 4000gp) sold for 2000gp
Bracers of Falcon’s Aim (+3 competence bonus on Perception, +1 competence bonus on ranged attacks, critical threat ranges goes to 19-20/x3) (worth 2400gp) to Ravi
3400sp handed out to group

Fifth Session (09/28/2014)
masterwork flute
box (worth 50gp) with: 3 cracked dusty rose prisms (+1 competence bonus to Init, worth 500gp each), 2 cracked vibrant purple stones (stores 1 spell level as a Ring of Spell Storing, worth 2000gp each), 1 clear spindel (sustains creature without food/water, worth 4000gp) rose prisms to Cat, Bel, and Kerrie
10cp handed out to group
painting (worth 600gp) sold for 600gp
30pp handed out to group
copper key
2 vials with foul-smelling residue
scroll of LIghtning (7th level caster) to Finn
scroll of Keen Edge (7th level caster) to Finn

Sixth Session (10/12/2014)
studded leather +1 to Deluge
war razor +1 (worth 2320gp) sold for 1160gp
ring of jumping to Ravi
ring of protection +1 to Finn
Stalker’s Mask (grants +5 competence bonus to Stealth; 1x/day may take on the appearance of any one creature within 60 feet with +2 attack/damage versus that creature)
boots of speed to Bel
nice coat (worth 200gp) to Kerrie
cameo with tiny portrait of Bel mailed to dwarves’ parents
charcoal portraits of Bel in heroic poses to Bel
letter to Aldrin with address in Magnamar
small silver keyring (worth 10gp) with 2 keys; larger key has opal (worth 100gp)
portrait with blood/bone bits, if can get clean, seems to be worth a lot
Chime of Opening (worth 3000gp) (keeping)
Pickaxe +1 to Del
pearl ring (worth 300gp) sold for 300gp
adamantine battleaxe (masterwork) (keeping)
Hat of Disguise to Ravi
proof of dead bandit
Handy Haversack to Del
56gp handed out to group

Fifth Session (10/26/2014)
silver dinner set with crystal decanter (worth 1000gp) sold for 1000gp
3 small violet garnets (worth 100gp each) sold for 300gp
8 bottles of fine vintage Chelaxian wine (worth 100gp each) sold for 800gp

total moneys obtained per character for past 5 sessions: 4pp 986gp 487sp 2cp

Sixth Session (11/9/2014)
2 masterwork rapiers sold for 320gp
300pp handed out to group
moneys per character: 43pp 45gp

shallow wooden case with deed to Foxglove Manor and legal papers for townhouse
thin ledger
masterwork leather armor x6 sold for 480gp
hand crossbow x14 sold for 700gp
masterwork war razor x14 sold for 1085gp
140 hand crossbow bolts to Cat
120gp handed out
skinsaw mask x6 sold to temple for destruction for 4500gp
8 leather armor sold for 40gp
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (16 charges)
mithril chain shirt +2 to Cat
+1 buckler sold for 500gp
+1 defending short sword sold for 4000gp
masterwork hand crossbow to Cat
10 bolts (poisoned, Drow Sleep poison) to Cat
set of keys
Reaper’s Mask sold to temple for destruction for 6000gp

moneys per character: 2490gp

Seventh Session (11/23/2014)
journal/ledger of Justis Ironbriar, written in Infernal, Draconic, and Elvish
Serpent’s Thane, Fairytale of the Eldest sold for 500gp
painting sold for 200gp
Cloak of Elvenkind to Cat
large scythe + 1 sold for 1159gp
125gp divided up
309sp divided up
silver ring sold for 75gp
silver mirror sold for 50gp
Slippers of Featherstep to Kerrie
Cloak of the Hedgewizard (transmutation) to Finn
Muleback Cords to Bel
Shifter’s Headband (+2) to Del
Shidron medallion to Cat
Medusa Mask to Bel
Impaler of Thorns sold for 4500gp
Snakeskin tunic to Andrezi
33000cp divided up
8100sp divided up
900gp divided up
100pp divided up
4200gp in jewelry and gemstones sold
4 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
+2 small kukri sold for 4154gp
Ring of Jumping to Cat
Golem Bane scarab
Lyre of Building to Ravi
Necklace of Adaptation to Finn
Eyes of the Eagle to Cat
6000gp EACH as a reward

total moneys: 100pp 15863gp, 8409sp 33000cp, or 14pp 2266gp 1201sp 4714cp


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